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yaz-MexicoSocialNetworking 8 years ago
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Hello. I have several projects going on, Can you make the template and css? can you add flash to it? can you implement other services and tweaks?
We don't have much of a budget, therefore, before bidding, I'd like to check if these forums are active or not. So, please reply to this post if you are interested and availiable, as well as mentioning your skills, see you around!
yaz-MexicoSocialNetworking 8 years ago
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Thank you Ryan! we can certainly talk more about this, and I look forward to checking more customizations as you develop a portfolio. In the meantime, feel free to send me a message anytime. I certainly want to contact more and more theme developers. 
Most clients don't seem too keen on paying much for themes, therefore, I'm currently working with them in information architecture and page design, and then, we outsource to some freelancer for the CSS, coding and plugins, if you or anyone else is interested, feel free to send me a message, we would like to build a network of freelancers!

 the valet site is still under much development, so, how can we get in touch about developing a custom theme? see you around!

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