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Emre Sokullu 9 years ago
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The content of the first message.
James Rascal 9 years ago
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I think that this is a great idea and cant wait to see where it goes.
PeterBITS 9 years ago
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Hi Emre, I've been looking forward to this new development within the grou.ps community. Not sure how much I will be able to participate fully due to time constraints, but I will definitely be keeping in touch with opportunities here, at least. Cheers, Peter B.
John Sullivan 9 years ago
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I would like to switch my site to do follow every link I also wish I could FTP to the files I wish my google api would work I wish I had my site on the cloud I love your app rates a 10 in my book plus all the bloggers come by think so and they are some hard critics I do some code and wish to hook up with a valet I will get the orders you do them I need some of my own files edited Thanks I'm psyched Thanks hit me up on twitter jsinkeywest

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