This network only provides a location for meeting and exchanging information for those interested in obtaining help from experienced GROU.PS community managers. Add a post specifying your needs, or bid on a project that's already been posted.

Valet Academy Terms of Service

Terms of Service

The Valet Academy serves as a hub for meeting and exchange for those who need help from more experienced GROU.PS users. 

GROU.PS is not affiliated with any valet in this network. 

GROU.PS is not responsible for payments or agreements between users.

GROU.PS is not responsible for user offers, and cannot guarantee any offer's reliability.

User offers cannot contain any illegal material.

Users cannot sell/rent any material copyrighted by GROU.PS.

Each user who joins the Valet Academy group accepts these terms. GROU.PS reserves the right to modify these terms without any prior notice.